Hi there. Welcome to my corner of the internet :)

At this point you will have figured out that I compose and produce music. My roots lie in classical training, although I've always been fascinated by contemporary music as well. My repertoire includes violin, guitar, piano, and vocals. 

My artistic journey has taken me through the metropolises of Los Angeles, Berlin, and currently Zurich. In the German capital, alongside my work as a music producer, I founded an electro-pop band and released my debut album. 

Ever since, throughout my career, I have composed numerous commercials and film scores for TV & media, composed two symphonies, and released six albums and seven singles. One of these commercials was honoured with the prestigious Cannes White Dolphin Award and the US International Grand Award. Two other commercials also received the EDI Award in Switzerland. The joy of music and the collaboration with so many creative individuals continuously motivate me to pursue my artistic journey with passion and diversity.

You can find my music on my Instagram, Youtube and Spotify pages.

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear about your project.

All the best & much love,  Jonathan

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