J. C. Meier grew up in a musical family in Switzerland, near the city of Saint Gallen. Fascinated by the correlation between image and sound he began composing to pictures at the age of 18. His first ever written symphony for a full orchestra, an opus called Die fünf Tageszeiten, was performed at the city's main concert hall. It drew praises from the audience and was lauded in various articles of the local newspaper.

he began scoring student projects and films in college.

Later on he decided to fully focus on enhancing his composition skills. Therefore he enrolled in an online scoring course of Berklee College of Music, which he passed with best marks. 

In 2015 he spent a couple of months in LA, before he moved to Berlin. There he set up a studio and produced his debut album Trial & Error, which was released on September 21st. It combines electronic pop with orchestral sounds.