Jonathan Corad Meier was born on the 13th of July 1992 in Aarau, Switzerland. He was raised in Engelburg, Switzerland, near the City of St.Gallen.

His musical talent was nurtured at an early age. He learned to play the violin at the age of 7 and was later taught to play the guitar, the piano and to sing as well.

He was concertmaster at highschool. As part of his final thesis he composed his first symphony  Die Fünf Tageszeiten, which was performed at the City’s main concert hall.

After completing the online course in composition at Berklee College of Music with best marks J. C. Meier worked as Music teacher at the HTW (University of applied Sciences) in Chur.

In 2016 he moved to Berlin, where produced his debut Album “Trial and Error”.

He later moved back to Switzerland and released a series of singles, including the song Savage, which he produced in collaboration with HVNDZ, gained over 100’000 views on youtube and his most popular single to date.

He also composed scores to films, such as the Swiss Sitcom “Eine Z’vill”, the feature film “Zoe” and commercials for companies including Hertz, UBS, Generali, Viseca and Migros.