I was born in Switzerland on July 13, 1992 into an english/german speaking family.        

My first symphony I wrote as part of my matriculation project and it was performed with a full orchestra in the city's main concert hall. It was covered in the local newspaper

My content in having found some kind of passion and direction, was followed by a couple of turbulent years. 

Going to college for film, quitting after a year, studying film music, flying to LA, knocking on Hans Zimmer's door, getting rejected, signing two contract with agencies, resigning, moving to Berlin, getting hired by a college to teach music production, losing that job, producing my debut, being broke twice, finding a job as webdesigner, getting fired, working as composer/producer here and there, being broke again. Finally I moved back to Switzerland to work as a music producer.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have more to write about in a couple of years. 

For better or for worse ;-) 

Jonathan Corad Meier