Jonathan Corad Meier was born in Switzerland on July 13, 1992.

He grew up in Engelburg, near the city of St.Gallen and learned how to play the violin, piano, guitar and to sing at an early age.

J. C. Meier attended the Kantonsschule am Burggraben St.Gallen, where he wrote his first symphony as part of his final thesis. The symphony was performed in the City's main concert hall under the direction of Robert Jud, who was conductor and J. C. Meier's former music teacher.

After serving his time in the military he studied film at the HTW Chur, but quit after a year in order to enrol in an online music course at the Berklee College of Music. 

Meier moved to Berlin in 2015, where produced his debut album "Trial & Error", which was positively reviewed, but didn't gain a lot of attention. He was also working as music teacher at the HTW Chur at the time.

He scored the Swiss Sitcom "Eine Z'vill", the feature film "Zoe" and award winning short-films like 'Chairity' and 'Wajibu'. He also produced the music to commercials for brands like Hertz, UBS, Viseca, Generali and Migros.

As producer and singer Meier released a series of singles in 2018 with more commercial success shifting from pop to RnB. The song 'Savage' gained over 100k views and is his most successful song to date.