Hi. I'm Jonathan C. Meier. C for my middle name Corad. Or just call me Johnny. 

Born and raised in Switzerland I enjoyed a carefree childhood. I was a lazy student though. When I was forced to hand in a final thesis for my matriculation project, I figured composing was easier than writing, so I made up my first cues. To everybody's astonishment I actually enjoyed doing it and I ended up writing my first symphony. My music teacher, who was also a conductor at the time, asked me if he could perform it with a full orchestra in the city's main concert hall. This was huge for me and it was covered in the local newspaper

My initial passion and content in having found some kind of direction, was followed by a couple of years of erratic decision making.  Going to college for film, quitting after a year, flying to LA, feeling overconfident, knocking on Hans Zimmer's door, getting rejected. getting rejected again, feeling like shit, signing contracts, realizing I signed bs, moving to Berlin, getting hired by the college I quit, losing that job, producing my debut, feeling intense dislike for the music industry and social media, being broke twice, looking for a job, getting fired after 90 minutes, finding work as composer/producer, followed by being broke again. Finally I moved back to Switzerland. 

Now I'm working as sound/music guy for a film production company called Atem Studios, which good friends of mine founded, ;-) 

Yep, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have more to write about in a couple of years. For better or for worse ;-) 

Have a good one!