For this track I tried a new approach in terms of songwriting. Instead of writing a song with my guitar or the piano, I asked my producer friend HVNDZ if I could improvise over one of his beats. This is what I ended up coming up with. 

Combining ethnical sounds with western music is one of my favourite things to do in terms of production. Needless to say I was delighted to compose this music. Plus it's for a good cause - so feel free to support SAM!

"Sparen mit Tobias" is a commercial for the food giant Migros. This is the first episode of a total of five. It was something new for me to produce this kind of sneaky music, but a lot of fun. Enjoy!

The idea for this song came a while ago in New York. It was a rainy and rather gloomy day. I wanted to cross the street near bryant park, when I saw a girl singing, dancing and going absolutely crazy. It lightened the mood of everyone present. So in my endeavour to combine classical and electronic pop music, I wrote some lyrics, unpacked my violin and recorded this song.

This is a compilation of the world premiere of the first symphony I composed. Inspired by a day at the Silsersee in Switzerland and Vivaldi's four seasons I wrote a 5 movement symphony called "Die Fünf Tageszeiten" - german for "The Five Daytimes". I named them in latin Mane, Meridies, Post Meridiem, Vesper, and Nox.

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I had some pieces of this song stuck in my mind a couple of years ago and finally got to put them all together. Hope you like it! 

also, check it out on youtube:

Atem Studios and I came up with this demo. It was quite a challenge. First time I had to get my a-capella skills up and running.

This spot for the UBS bank was made under immense time pressure. Besides producing the music, I was also on the set recording the audio.

So far this has been one of the biggest projects I have been working on together with Atemstudios. It's a swiss sitcom, which has 6 episodes. Other than honing my hip-hop skills in the jingle, I also did all the other audio related work in postproduction. 

Click here to get to the official Website of "Eine Zvill":

The next two spots were commissioned by Hertz, the car rental service. You might have seen the second one running as ad somewhere. The first one was banned because the main actor Vujo was caught driving way too fast shortly after the commercial was made. I even think he lost his driving licence for a couple of months;-)

Next project I'd like to feature is my debut album. I produced it during my time in Berlin. A lot of fun, but a major financial flop. I stuck all my money into the CD, was broke as hell, and had to move on to my best friend's couch for a couple of months. On the upside I improved my production skills and it did lead to further projects...

Jamsphere Report:

... Like this one. I got to play my set live in Berlin at Prachtwerk with a stellar band. 

Guitar: Julian S ||| Drums: Max G ||| Bass: Simon H ||| and me 

I remember having a hell of a time producing this score. I'm glad no one saw me singing my african chants in the studio though ;-P

Here's a demo of some of my early compositions. A lot of them are from when I was studying film in Switzerland and later film music online at Berklee College of Music. 

This was one of my first short films I scored. In hindsight there are many things I'd improve. Nevertheless it marks a milestone for it got me started with the whole scoring thing. 

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