Atem Studios and I came up with this demo. It was quite a challenge tbh. First time I had to get my a-capella skills up and running.

Under immense time pressure we made this spot for the UBS bank. Besides producing the music, I was also on the set recording the audio.


Next project I'd like to feature is my debut album. I produced it during my time in Berlin. A lot of fun, but a major financial flop. I stuck all my money into the CD, was broke as hell, and had to move on to my best friend's couch for a couple of months. On the upside I improved my production skills and it did lead to further projects...


... Like this one. I got to play my set live in Berlin at Prachtwerk with a stellar band. 

Guitar: Julian S ||| Drums: Max G ||| Bass: Simon H ||| and me :-)


Here's a demo of some of my early compositions. A lot of them are from when I was studying film in Switzerland and later film music online at Berklee College of Music. 


This was one of my first short films I scored. In hindsight there are many things I'd improve, but nevertheless it was a milestone, for it got me started with the whole scoring thing.